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Easy Reader: CA Supreme Court rejects Manhattan Beach Short-Term Rental ban (7/28/2022)

Easy Reader: The city of Manhattan Beach Short-term rental ban rejected by Court, again (4/14/2022)

Daily Breeze: State Court of Appeals upholds ruling against Manhattan Beach’s short-term rental ban (4/12/2022)

Frank Angel Interviewed by Luxembourgish TV about Biden Climate Policies (1/21/2021)

Judge rules Manhattan Beach’s short-term rental ban is illegal in coastal zone (9/4/2020)

Court rules Manhattan Beach cannot ban coastal short-term rentals (8/10/2020)

Manhattan Beach’s short-term rental ban null until state Coastal Commission approves (7/30/2020)

Marijuana entrepreneurs give up on El Monte as council rescinds their permits (7/18/2019)

Dramatic revamp of Redondo Beach waterfront put on hold (5/18/2018)

Measure C doesn’t apply to Waterfront project, judge rules (3/30/2018)

Malibu Township Council, City Council case still up in the air (10/26/2017)

Measure brings “C change” to the Redondo Beach waterfront (3/8/2017)

Opponents of $300 million Redondo Beach waterfront overhaul file ballot initiative challenge (6/28/2016)

Frank Angel quoted in LA Weekly regarding the California Coastal Commission

Angel Law Clears up Facts Concerning Measure R

Edge Project Temporarily Postponed

“Yes on R” Campaign Signs Suspiciously Removed from Malibu Resident’s Lawns Against Their Wishes

Coastal Commission Postpones The Edge Development Hearing

The Edge gets closer to approval of Malibu mansion complex

New Law Aims to Stop Private Homeowners from Blocking Public Beach Access

Judge deals major blow to Hollywood growth plan

Judge: Rubberstamping Secret Decision Publicly No Sufficient Cure (Californians Aware)

Judge bars Malibu officials from destroying correspondence in Brown Act case (Malibu Times)

Fifth Cause of Action Added to Malibu Township Council Lawsuit against City (Malibu Surfside News)

Publisher’s Notebook: Government Transparency (Malibu Surfside News)

City hit with lawsuit over park swap (Malibu Times)

Malibu group files complaint alleging Brown Act violations (Malibu Times)

MTC Challenges Council Action on Land Swap, Alleges Brown Act Violations (Malibu Patch)

Voters to decide Redondo Beach power plant’s fate (Daily Breeze)

Application to Demolish Point Home Is Withdrawn—Neighbor Dispute Reaches an Accord

Redondo Beach slow-growth group wins court victory

Planned house demolition upsets Malibu neighbors (Los Angeles Times article by Martha Groves)

Celebs vs. Hedge Funder in Bart Prince Demo Fight in Malibu (Curbed Los Angeles)

Building a Better Redondo wins lawsuit against city, forcing harbor zoning vote

Firm Announcements

Angel Law Welcomes Cooper Kass (9/6/2022)

Update on Manhattan Beach Coastal Zone Short-Term Vacation Rental Litigation (4/12/2022)

Lawsuit Filed Challenging Massive Miramar Hotel & Condo Project in Downtown Santa Monica (12/10/2020)

Angel Law Wins Court Decision Invalidating City of Manhattan Beach Ordinances Banning Overnight Visitor Access to the Coastal Zone (7/6/2020)

Industrial-Scale Marijuana Factories a No Go (8/1/2019)

Malibu City Council Cancels Controversial Parkland Swap Opposed by Angel Law Client MTC (4/12/2019)

Angel Law Helps Greater Los Angeles Communities Alliance Fend Off Proliferation of Industrial-Scale Marijuana Production Facilities in El Monte (2/20/2019)

City of Redondo Beach Ordered to Decertify Waterfront Project EIR and Set Aside Project Entitlements (5/17/2018)

Frank Angel Speaks at Coalition to Preserve LA’s Sunset Gordon Press Conference (4/13/2018)

Angel Law’s Ellis Raskin Sworn in as Member of the California State Bar by Redondo Beach Mayor Bill Brand

City of Los Angeles May Not Grant “Adjustments” from Zoning Limits on Mansionization without Making the Findings Required by the City Charter for Variances, Court Rules

Lawsuit Filed after Los Angeles City Council Gives Nod to the Elimination of Affordable, Rent-Controlled Housing Units in Hollywood

“The Definitive Guide to Tree Disputes in California” and “Urban Forests as Weapons Against Climate Change” by Angel Law Law Clerk Ellis Raskin Published

Angel Law denounces politicization of the Coastal Commission and removal of ED Charles Lester

Angel Law Welcomes Its Newest Member!

10th Anniversity of Ahmanson Ranch Acquisition

Malibu Township Council Presents Formal Demand to City Council to Set Aside Parkland Swap

A beautiful day at the California Coastal Commission

Court Victory for Building a Better Redondo