Malibu City Council Cancels Controversial Parkland Swap Opposed by Angel Law Client MTC

On Monday, the Malibu city council decided to cancel a swap of public parklands by which the city of Malibu would have traded city-owned Charmlee Wilderness Park for 83 acres of state-owned parkland, the Malibu Bluffs Open Space. Angel Law has been representing the civic organization Malibu Township Council throughout its long fight in and out of court to prevent this controversial swap.

By this trade, the state of California would have lost ownership and control of parkland which, due to its location seaward of Pacific Coast Highway and its coastal access potential, the California Legislature identified as a “first priority” acquisition for the state parks system and an area “best suited to serve the recreational needs of urban populations” before it appropriated close to $8 million for state parks to acquire the Malibu Bluffs. This funding was made possible by a 1976 bond act, passed by the people of California with the stated intent “to preserve, protect, and where possible, to restore coastal resources of significant recreational or environmental importance for the enjoyment of present and future generations of persons of all income levels, all ages, and all social groups.”

Coastal access rights are environmental justice rights presciently expressed in the 1976 bond act and the 1977 legislation that appropriated the funds allowing the Malibu Bluffs to become state parkland.

Angel Law leverages decades of expertise in legal and political advocacy to ensure that the voices of the public are heard.

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