Malibu Surfside News: ‘Edge’ project hearing postponed until 2015

Malibu attorney Frank Angel represents the Sweetwater Mesa homeowners and brought the noticing error to the attention of the Commission. 

“The Edge project applicants made a sinister attempt to rush their controversial development to approval two days before the new Santa Monica Mountains local coastal program goes into effect,” Angel told the Malibu Surfside News in an email. “Thankfully, on Wednesday, a unanimous Coastal Commission refused to let them get away with it.”

Angel said that the Serra Canyon POA, including the homeowners on Sweetwater Mesa Road, which is the access road for the project, were not given notice of the hearing although they are “interested persons” entitled to notice.

“When permit applicants spurn their duty to provide Coastal Commission staff a complete list of properties adversely impacted by their development, they shut interested persons out of the hearing and deprive them of the opportunity to share relevant points of view and objections with the Commission,”  Angel said.