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Measure brings “C change” to the Redondo Beach waterfront (3/8/2017)

In this week’s municipal election, the voters of Redondo Beach resoundingly endorsed Measure C, a coastal access zoning initiative Angel Law proudly helped draft. Over 57% of the local voters chose enhanced coastal access and water-oriented recreational opportunities over ubergentrification of a working harbor into a 524,000 square-foot mega-mall and a high-priced, exclusionary “boutique” hotel.

Measure C drives a stake through the project proponent’s illegal plan to eliminate public recreational open space in the tidelands trust, such as Seaside Lagoon, a swimming facility popular with visitors from the entire South Bay and many underserved inland communities.

Read more in the Easy Reader News article “Measure brings ‘C change’ to the Redondo Beach waterfront” by David Mendez (3/8/2017):


Angel Law sued the City of Malibu on behalf of a local preservation association and won a court order directing the city to rescind illegal upzoning that would have marred scenic quality and serenity in Solstice Canyon Park.