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Judge: Rubberstamping Secret Decision Publicly No Sufficient Cure (Californians Aware)

by Terry Francke on November 4, 2013

In a lawsuit brought to overturn an unlawfully secret decision by a city council under the Brown Act, the city may not have provided a sufficient “cure and correction” to end the case if all it did was re-hear the matter and repeat its vote of approval without a serious public reconsideration, a trial judge has ruled.

The main thrust of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Chalfant’s principal ruling was that the plaintiff, a group opposing a land swap by the City of Malibu, should have an opportunity to show how a sequence of email exchanges over time constituted the evolution of a serial meeting decisional process hidden from the public in violation of the law. Melissa Caskey reports for the Malibu Times.


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Angel Law sued the City of Malibu on behalf of a local preservation association and won a court order directing the city to rescind illegal upzoning that would have marred scenic quality and serenity in Solstice Canyon Park.