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Voters to decide Redondo Beach power plant’s fate (Daily Breeze)

Later this month, Redondo Beach officials will weigh in on a plan that aims to transform the city’s hulking concrete-centric 1960s-era waterfront.

And later this week, city voters will render a verdict on another similarly outdated and massive oceanfront barrier - the AES power plant.


AES has warned voters that Measure A would exact “terrible damage to the local economy, city services and our quality of life.”

That damage includes “exposing city taxpayers to protracted court fights and millions in legal costs” - presumably from AES lawsuits - and “eliminates a vital source of tax revenue now used for police and fire protection.”


Frank Angel, a Santa Monica-based environmental and land use attorney who has represented Building a Better Redondo for seven years, called the lawsuit threats “hollow” and an “intimidation.”

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